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It's no longer a  secret that Moyahua, Zacatecas has the best tasting chorizo. However, not everyone has had the opportunity to savor this popular and delicious chorizo!

To share his quality home made chorizo,  Anselmo "Chemo" son of parents of Zacatecas Mexico,  has brought the secret recipe to Southern California and the 1st to ship to the whole US.

We offer our traditional chorizo thats is our best seller and  mild blend as well.

Chemo's Chorizo

Chemo's Chorizo, is 100% natural. Meaning, it is all pork meat with absolutely no fillers or nitrates. By hanging the chorizo no less than 24 hours it let's the flavors come together while naturally curing.  House-made, seasoned and cured to perfection. Meeting the quality of the Moyahua, Zacatecas style chorizo. 


Chemo's Chorizo Options

We offer our  Moyahua style chorizo in Spicy or mild &

 Toluca green Chorizo.



Toluca Green

The green chorizo recipe is native to Toluca Mexico.

by using green peppers instead of traditional red dry peppers and some fresh herbs why this style is in a chorizo category of its own.


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